Five Axis Linkage Slender Concentricity 0.03mm CNC Turning Parts

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Five Axis Linkage Slender Concentricity 0.03mm CNC Turning Parts Description

Cnc Machining Or Not: CNC Turning Type: Turning Lathe
Service: CNC Machining Parts Quality: According Tolerance,100% Inspection With QC Report,ISO Certified
L*W*H(mm): 60mm*60mm*245mm Drawing Format: IGS,PDF/DWG/IGS/STP/ Etc,STEP,DWG,PDF
High Light: ra0.2 major axis printer shaft, 35mm cnc prototype parts

customized Turned Parts Five Axis Linkage Slender Major Axis Printer Shaft

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CNC Turning Stainless Steel Machinery Parts Turning-Lathe Turning Parts Five-axis linkage parts

Slender axis The major axis Printer shaft

Material: 45# Concentricity:0.03mm Rugosity:Ra0.2

Diameter:Ø35mm Tolerance:0.01-0.05mm L*W*H(mm)=35mm*35mm*115mm,

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Metal:Aluminum5052,6020,6061,6063,7075,45#,SKD11,DC53,SUS304,SUS136.Machine:CNC lathe,Centering Machine,Multi-Axis turning,Surface treatment:nickel plating,chrome plating,anodizing.Purpose:Semiconductor Machinery,Laser Cutting Equipment,Communication equipment,

Medical equipment,agricultural machinery,electrical appliances products,Ship accessories,

Electric Tool Parts,Monitoring equipment,Communication Equipment,Audio Equipment Parts,

Digital Camera Parts,Mining Machinery Parts,Petroleum Mining Machinery Parts,

Juice extractor parts,Mountaineering Equipment Parts,Fishing gear parts,Sports Equipment Parts,

Fitness Equipment Parts,Photographic equipment parts,Furniture Hardware Parts,Mower Parts

Five Axis Linkage Slender Concentricity 0.03mm CNC Turning Parts 0

Processing all kinds of metal and plastic matenrials with the change of the times,the materials

chosen by customers are changing constantly,in order to meet the different material needs

of customers,we have accumulated a very rich and wide range of process characteristics and

technical know-how of mechanical processing of metal and non-metal materials through

continuous technological innovation and research and development.

Steel Stainless steel Aluminum Copper Plastic Surface treatment
1.2344 SUS303 A1050 C1020 PC High speed sand blasting
1095 SUS316 A2024 C145 MC Nickel plating
1212 SUS403 A5056 C147 POM Titanium plating
1566 SUS416 A5052 C5191 ABS Gold plating
C22 17-4PH A6061 C360 PEEK Chrome Plated
C45 A6063 PMMA Blacking
F125 A6082 flame plating
A7075 Abrasion
Chemical polishing


Continuing to invest heavily in our facilities , we aim to bring you the most reliable,efficient and affordable metal component.our highly skilled and professional workforce is dedicated to satisfying the individual needs of all our customers and various markets the serve.
Processing type surface treatment Heat Treatment
CNC Machining nickel plating treatment
Multi-Axis CNC Machining Gold plating Passivation
CNC Turning Service silver plating Stress Removal Passivation
CNC Milling/Turning Multiple chrome plating Conditioning treatment
EDM Titanium plating quenching treatment
Thread Processing Blackening treatment Vacuum quenching treatment
wire cutting anodizing High cycle quenching
drilling Sandblasting Carburizing treatment
Gear working Chemical grinding salt-bath nitrocarburizing
stamping dacromet Tempering
laser cutting zinc plating Annealing treatment
Mechanical Parts Design powder coated
Parts Assemble phosphatizing

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